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I received a phone call from a marketing associate this afternoon.

..."I have good news and good news for you. Which would you like first?"
My associate called about an important account we've been working on together and said we outshined the other competing firms due to Bohler Solutions input and technical detail.  Upon presentation the client gained faith in our team's ability to deliver what they need.  
I received many thanks.  We'll be managing the account moving forward.
We like phone calls with good news from good people.  And we enjoy ensuring our marketing associates' success with quality support.
If and when you offer input on a project make it valuable.  Make it count.  Cover the details and solve your client's problems and you will naturally become their go-to for help.
Need a website?  Got a web-relate problem?  Do you want some good news too?
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Scott Bohler
Solutions Master
Photo credit: Listshack via / CC BY