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The core of our 24x7 Professionally-Managed Website Security and Maintenance plans is Security and Code Maintenance. We ensure FIRST that your website is professionally-secured and up-to-date. After integrated firewall protection and regular pro-grade backups (files+database, cloud-secured, off-site), professionally-managed maintenance is priority #1 in website security. This is the necessary, yet very often overlooked part of website management.  Malware, hackers and spammers are working non-stop to corrupt websites, steal data, relay spam, spread infections and more.  Why does a website get hacked or worse, and perform slower over time?  Because they lack professional security and maintenance.  Our plans cover all of the necessary requirements so you can focus on your organization's objectives.

We do not offer budget options on security.  ALL clients receive only our best, complete professional coverage within a preferred plan which takes care of your regular content update needs.

What if my website gets corrupted or infected?

Our security is strong. We prevent infection/corruption. However, under any of our security and maintenance plans if infection/corruption should occur we will immediately repair or restore your website to its previous uncorrupted state at our expense.

24x7 Professionally-Managed Website Security and Maintenance
by Bohler Solutions keeps your website working and online.

PROTECT+ ensures you have full coverage right along with your regular content updates.

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